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The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federally funded program opertated through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service Program. The primary purpose of the program is to provide nutritious meals/snacks to children who are kept in a licensed or registered child care home. The White River Planning and Development District* (WRPDD) has been a local sponsor of the CACFP since 1983. Please read below to understand the benifits and what is involved in participating in the Child Care Food Program.



Participants in the CACFP receive a montly reimbursement check for providing nutritious meals and snacks to children in thier care. Day care providers may claim reimbursement for two main meals (breakfast, lunch or supper) AND one snack per child per day. A provider who keeps five children five days per week can receive a monthly reimbursement check from the program for approximately $558.00-$637.75 (between $111.60 to $127.55 per month per child). The following is a diagram of the current reimbursement rates:


Current  Reimbursement Rates

Effective  07/01/22 thru 06/30/23

                                                                                      Tier 1     Tier 2          

                                               Breakfast………………………….$1.66     $1.66

                                               Lunch/Supper…………………….$3.04     $3.04

                                               Snack……………………………. $0.97      $0.97


Record Keeping

As with any federal program, a certain amount of paperwork is required. However, it is not complicated. Training is provided by WRPDD staff in your home before you begin the program. Records must be kept which indicate the meals that you serve. A daily attendance form must also be kept. WRPDD provides all the forms necessary for participation in the program.



Training sessions are provided semi-annually at a central location in the District. In addition to informative topics on nutrition, the sessions include time for interchange of ideas with other providers and discussion of other subjects relating to child care. Previous sessions have included discussions on: income tax, record keeping, sanitation, safety, first aid, preventing childhood inujuries, preventing infectious diseases, children's crafts, cooking with kids, and much more.

Also, you will be provided a training manual which details the operating procedures for the program. This manual also includes useful nutrition information, recipes and menu suggestions. In addition, you are given various training information and updates that meet the Food Program requirements and other topics that will enhance your program throughout the year.


What Types of Food Must Be Served

Meals and snacks served must meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture requirements. This simply means you must serve foods from the four basic food groups: fluid milk, meats, breads and fruits/vegetables. The amount of food you serve depends on the age of the children you keep. The operations manual gives further details on the serving requirements. The following is a diagram of what you must serve:


Get Started!

Participants in the CACFP must be licensed or registered by the Department of Human Services. WRPDD Child Nutrition Program staff will assist you in contacting the licensing specialist for your area.

Once your license or registration certificate has been approved, you are immediately eligible to begin participating in the CACFP. For more information about participating in the CACFP, contact WRPDD's Child Nutrition Program at:

1-800-737-CCFP (2237)
Or 793-5233 (locally)